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The brand originated in Germany, grown over 100 years as a solutions provider for the global electrical industry.  Phoenix Contact is the global market leader and innovator for electrification, networking, and automation on the path to a smart world.

Phoenix Contact solutions are used wherever processes need to run automatically and can be in industrial production facilities, in the field of renewable energy, in infrastructure, or for complex device connections. Our products are used wherever power or data flows are connected, distributed, and controlled.

Powerline partnered with this global giant in the year 2009 and the journey continues with a strong business relationship in Sri Lanka as the exclusive partner empowering customers to act more sustainably by enabling the comprehensive electrification, networking, and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure with Phoenix Contact products and solutions.

Read more about PHOENIX CONTACT https://www.phoenixcontact.com/en-pc/


ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered, and operated. Building on more than 130 years of excellence, partners of ABB are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.

ABB has a rich heritage of technological innovation that has invented or pioneered many power and automation technologies and retained technology and market leadership in many of these areas. ABB R&D team is continuously innovating a comprehensive range of products, systems, and services that increase energy efficiency, reliability, and productivity for our industrial, utility, and infrastructure customers

Being a part of ABB’s engineering culture has strengthened the Powerline presence in the Sri Lankan market where we have serviced our valued customer base with focused after-market support enabling the global brand to continue beyond expectations.

Read more about ABB https://global.abb/group/en


HIMEL is a global manufacturer and provider of robust, reliable, and safe electrical products with the mission to make efficient and reliable power easily accessible to people, wherever they are home, office, industrial or commercial facility. Himel’s global footprint and technology allow them to provide the best combination of affordable and reliable solutions to customers in over 50 countries across continents

Himel’s relationships are based on strong mutual trust with all stakeholders—including partners, distributors, suppliers, customers, and employees—which helps the brand to deliver 100% satisfaction. We are proud to be the exclusive business partner for the Himel product range in Sri Lanka while creating the growth potential for a long-lasting partnership. Trust in our wider network of customers will help us to deliver excellence in electric products for Low Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric, which offers value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility sectors.

Read more about HIMEL https://www.himel.com/about-us


SALTEK is a leading Czech company specializing in surge protection devices offering a complete range of products to the global markets. An innovative company helping to improve the lives of all stakeholders ensuring safe and trouble-free operation of technological equipment, machinery, and electrical appliances. Their products are being used in a variety of industries with highly sophisticated systems and households. A highly modernized company that thrives by providing the best industry solutions while digitizing and automating the systems to maintain the highest possible quality of the products.

SALTEK has partnered with Powerline to enhance its brand identity and extend service support to customers in Sri Lanka. Powerline is committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers with a superior product and unmatched service support with the industry experience over the past years.

Read more about SALTEK https://www.saltek.eu/en/about-company